Datavore® is an adaptive data analytics platform that allows you to quickly explore your datasets and ask meaningful questions. Our intuitive interface enables you to easily create repeatable workflows for data aggregation, normalization, analysis, and visualization.

  • See beyond the spreadsheet

    After importing data, Datavore® instantly draws visualizations to answer your questions. Your analysis automatically updates when data or chart parameters change. Spend less time scratching the surface of your data and more time on deeper exploration.

  • We code so you don't have to

    Deep data analysis is not just for data scientists anymore. Datavore® empowers users in all departments to access and manipulate the data they need. Automate your daily data tasks without writing a single SQL query or Excel Macro.

  • It's your data, not our data

    Datavore® is a browser-based application that can be deployed in minutes to everyone on your network with no need to reach out to the cloud. Your data is yours alone, staying on premises behind your security.

  • Analyze time in no time

    Datavore® understands that meaningful analysis looks at trends over time, and provides tools for everything from simple line charts to advanced techniques such as linear regressions and projections.

See how Datavore® can deliver value on Day 1.

Answer the hardest questions about your data through instant visualizations and complex time series analysis by using the unique Datavore® interface designed to create repeatable workflows and deliver you insights at the press of a button.

No other analytical solution on the market can claim to deliver the same power without requiring integration or sending your data to the cloud.

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The Datavore® team has deep domain expertise in databases, time series, and analytics with a successful track record of building technology within the financial services sector. The team has experience working at companies including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS, Thomson Reuters, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

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