The code-free tool
for advanced data analysis.

Find insights with speed and accuracy.

Why Datavore?

Build workflows
and combine signals, faster

Discover and track indicators across datasets in order to test and validate signals.


Catalog all your data in one place. Use dynamic filters to quickly find internal and external data.


Build dashboards to compare, evaluate, and monitor lines. Efficiently test and track multiple indicators across datasets.


Perform deep proprietary research by constructing forecasting models and regression analyses.


Excel versatility with cloud scalability

Easily perform quantitative research and automate tedious operations.

Excel Syntax

Write custom functions and use pre-built time series formulas.

Patented ingestion engine

Discover concepts and relations within big datasets

Calendar alignment

Match data to company fiscal calendar or predefined periods


Roll-up multiple lines into a single line utilizing the ontology of datasets

Fill missing values

Quickly replace empty cells using interpolation techniques


Structure your time series data with predefined normalization methods

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